Friday, 31 August 2012

Heaviest rainfall in 31 years floods Jaipur

Update The Wisdom Academy – August 2012

Torrential showers because of the monsoon created havoc in large parts of Jaipur in the past few weeks. Many residential areas were flooded and power supply was hit. Hundreds of houses developed cracks or collapsed, and thousands of people were evacuated. Transport was heavily disrupted as water was flowing on the roads, train tracks and Jaipur airport’s runways. At least 14 people were killed in rain-related mishaps. This year’s rainfall is the heaviest in over three decades in the drought-prone state of Rajasthan.

The battering rains also caused huge problems in the slums where The Wisdom Academy is working, especially in settlements in low-lying areas where water entered the houses and huts. Besides struggling with the water and moisture problems, the slum dwellers also had to fight snakes and scorpions that came out due to the heavy rains. 
Many people came to see the nurse, main problems being cough and cold, and people suffering from fever. So far, no cases of worse rain-related diseases such as dengue and malaria have been reported in these slums.

The schools were hit by the monsoon downpours as well. The roof of Nirman Nagar School couldn’t stand up to the torrential rains, and quite some water leaked through the ceiling onto furniture, carpets, books and copies. The Wisdom Academy managed to clean and dry many things, and will buy a new stock of paper items. Authorities ordered all schools to shut down for a couple of days.

Although the monsoon is getting weak, it’s still active in Rajasthan. More rains can be expected and the final spell may bring excessive showers, throwing life out of gear again.