Friday, 15 June 2012

The water wallah

Update The Wisdom Academy – June 2012

It’s over 45 degrees Celsius in Jaipur. Schools are closed for summer holidays.

Extreme heat means more need for water, but water is scarce in Rajasthan. The problem of water shortage is worst in the slums. Most slums are unauthorized settlements, and government tends to ignore these areas. Many slum colonies lack critical infrastructure like (pipe) water supply. Slum dwellers rely on getting water from communal or public taps, or purchasing water from vendors (which they often can’t afford on a daily basis). Out of necessity, they might also procure water by illegal tapping of municipal supply lines.

To give some relief to its students and their families, The Wisdom Academy supplies water by tankers on a regular basis. Tractors pulling water tanks drive to the slums. Women and children come to collect the water in buckets, barrels and pots, and use it for washing, cooking and bathing. Moreover, it’s safe drinking water for the slum dwellers.              

The ‘water wallah’ (the water man): 
Providing relief in the intense heat. 

And also time for fun (and a good shower)!