Saturday, 25 February 2012

Making progress step by step

Update The Wisdom Academy – February 2012

At the moment, representatives of Narangi are in Jaipur to visit ‘our’ projects. And we are very proud and happy to see that our local partner organisation ‘The Wisdom Academy’ has done a great job the past few months!

It’s amazing to see how well disciplined and how committed to learning the students are. Most of these kids never went to school before and used to run around and play all day, or were working. Now they enjoy coming to school, concentrate well and work hard.

The Wisdom Academy teaches a varied and interactive curriculum in order to make learning fun and keep the children involved. Subjects include Hindi, English, maths and science as well as drawing, singing and dancing. Besides whole class lessons, teaching is also tailor-made to the level and pace of individual students.

Since a few weeks, the eldest kids take homework home and return it the next day. Another step forward in their education!

The Wisdom Academy is running educational programs in three different slums in Jaipur. In one slum they rent a stone-made building with three class rooms. In the other two slums teaching takes place in huts.