Saturday, 20 October 2012

Eduniek fundraising run a success!

No less than 90 enthusiast runners and walkers participated in the fundraiser run for Narangi last October 6, organized by Eduniek. It turned out to be perfect running weather – a little drizzle and 15 degrees Celsius.

And the result? A fabulous 2,442 euros!
Thanks a million to all runners and sponsors!

And a special thanks to Eduniek and the many volunteers who made this (highly professionally organized) event happen! 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fundraiser run for Narangi on October 6, 2012


Ren 5, 10 of 15 km (of wandel 5 km) voor Narangi!
Schrijf je nu in op

Eduniek organiseert op zaterdag 6 oktober a.s. een prestatieloop rond de Maarsseveense Plassen. Inschrijven kost 10 euro en kan tot 4 oktober op (inschrijven op de dag zelf kost 12 euro). Het inschrijfgeld gaat volledig naar stichting Narangi.

Iedereen krijgt een medaille na afloop! En voor de hardlopers zijn er prijzen te winnen voor de nummers 1 van de diverse afstanden (zowel bij de mannen als bij de vrouwen).

  • Vanaf 09.15 uur: Na-inschrijving open - Afhalen startnummers
  • 10.30 uur: Kort openingspraatje door Henny Sikken (directeur Eduniek) en een hele korte inleiding door stichting Narangi
  • 10.35 uur: Startschot - Start hardlopers, gevolgd door start wandelaars
  • Vanaf 11.30 uur: Inleveren rugnummers en ophalen herinneringsmedaille
  • Als de 10 km binnen is: Prijsuitreiking aan de winnaars van de 5 en 10 km
  • Als de 15 km binnen is: Prijsuitreiking aan de winnaar van de 15 km

Eduniek is een onderwijsbegeleidingsdienst. Zij adviseert, begeleidt, traint en coacht professionals die in het onderwijs en kinderopvang werken. Daarnaast ontwikkelt Eduniek lesmethodes en -programma’s.



On 6 October, 2012 Eduniek is organizing a fundraiser walk/run for Narangi in Maarssen, The Netherlands. Participants can sign up to run 5, 10 or 15 km, or walk 5 km.
If you would like to join, please send us a message using the form at the Contact page.

Eduniek is a Dutch organisation that advises, supervises, supports and trains professionals working in the field of teaching and childcare. Also, Eduniek develops teaching methods and programmes, and conducts research.    

Friday, 31 August 2012

Heaviest rainfall in 31 years floods Jaipur

Update The Wisdom Academy – August 2012

Torrential showers because of the monsoon created havoc in large parts of Jaipur in the past few weeks. Many residential areas were flooded and power supply was hit. Hundreds of houses developed cracks or collapsed, and thousands of people were evacuated. Transport was heavily disrupted as water was flowing on the roads, train tracks and Jaipur airport’s runways. At least 14 people were killed in rain-related mishaps. This year’s rainfall is the heaviest in over three decades in the drought-prone state of Rajasthan.

The battering rains also caused huge problems in the slums where The Wisdom Academy is working, especially in settlements in low-lying areas where water entered the houses and huts. Besides struggling with the water and moisture problems, the slum dwellers also had to fight snakes and scorpions that came out due to the heavy rains. 
Many people came to see the nurse, main problems being cough and cold, and people suffering from fever. So far, no cases of worse rain-related diseases such as dengue and malaria have been reported in these slums.

The schools were hit by the monsoon downpours as well. The roof of Nirman Nagar School couldn’t stand up to the torrential rains, and quite some water leaked through the ceiling onto furniture, carpets, books and copies. The Wisdom Academy managed to clean and dry many things, and will buy a new stock of paper items. Authorities ordered all schools to shut down for a couple of days.

Although the monsoon is getting weak, it’s still active in Rajasthan. More rains can be expected and the final spell may bring excessive showers, throwing life out of gear again.

Friday, 15 June 2012

The water wallah

Update The Wisdom Academy – June 2012

It’s over 45 degrees Celsius in Jaipur. Schools are closed for summer holidays.

Extreme heat means more need for water, but water is scarce in Rajasthan. The problem of water shortage is worst in the slums. Most slums are unauthorized settlements, and government tends to ignore these areas. Many slum colonies lack critical infrastructure like (pipe) water supply. Slum dwellers rely on getting water from communal or public taps, or purchasing water from vendors (which they often can’t afford on a daily basis). Out of necessity, they might also procure water by illegal tapping of municipal supply lines.

To give some relief to its students and their families, The Wisdom Academy supplies water by tankers on a regular basis. Tractors pulling water tanks drive to the slums. Women and children come to collect the water in buckets, barrels and pots, and use it for washing, cooking and bathing. Moreover, it’s safe drinking water for the slum dwellers.              

The ‘water wallah’ (the water man): 
Providing relief in the intense heat. 

And also time for fun (and a good shower)!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Making progress step by step

Update The Wisdom Academy – February 2012

At the moment, representatives of Narangi are in Jaipur to visit ‘our’ projects. And we are very proud and happy to see that our local partner organisation ‘The Wisdom Academy’ has done a great job the past few months!

It’s amazing to see how well disciplined and how committed to learning the students are. Most of these kids never went to school before and used to run around and play all day, or were working. Now they enjoy coming to school, concentrate well and work hard.

The Wisdom Academy teaches a varied and interactive curriculum in order to make learning fun and keep the children involved. Subjects include Hindi, English, maths and science as well as drawing, singing and dancing. Besides whole class lessons, teaching is also tailor-made to the level and pace of individual students.

Since a few weeks, the eldest kids take homework home and return it the next day. Another step forward in their education!

The Wisdom Academy is running educational programs in three different slums in Jaipur. In one slum they rent a stone-made building with three class rooms. In the other two slums teaching takes place in huts. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Narangi’s next visit to India

In mid-February, Narangi will visit the projects in Jaipur again. 

To see for ourselves how things are going. Also, Narangi and The Wisdom Academy will jointly evaluate the past year and draft new plans for 2012 and further.

During our trip, we’ll keep you posted on this blog and on our Facebook page!