Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Update The Wisdom Academy - May 2011

Medical check-ups
A qualified nurse visits the slums for medical check-ups and to create awareness among the slum dwellers about (prevention of) diseases. Basic medicines are distributed, without any cost. In coming time two slums will be served, each slum being visited every two months.    

The visits take place late in the afternoon or in the early evening, when the slum residents are home from work and the men didn’t start drinking yet. The nurse goes door-to-door, accompanied by a representative of The Wisdom Academy and a ‘helper’.

The most common medical problems and diseases are: coughs, loose motion problems (diarrhea), children suffering from malnutrition, rash, malaria, and headaches.

Besides offering people basic medical care, the check-ups also facilitate building trust and confidence between the slum dwellers and The Wisdom Academy. This helps in motivating parents to send their children to school.  

What else happened the last two months? 
  • Because of the heat (over 40 degrees Celsius) school timings have changed for the coming time. Now classes are being held in the early morning.
  • The Wisdom Academy has distributed tooth brushes to the children. Many people brush their teeth with their (dirty) fingers and tooth powder.
  • Some parents (especially mothers) have started dropping their children off at school. This is a good sign because it means that these parents are getting involved with their children’s education.
  • The Wisdom Academy organized a picnic for all students from Nirman Nagar slum, in a park and playground nearby.
  • Some children have head lice. They are given treatment at the school. 

Clean drinking water at the school