Thursday, 17 March 2011

Update The Wisdom Academy - March 2011

Nirman Nagar school
Now also 14 children from another slum nearby are attending the school (6 girls and 8 boys, aged 6 to 11), making the total number of students 39. Free transportation by auto rickshaws to and from the school is provided for the new students. Before, these children were begging or just hanging around.

Many children in the Nirman Nagar slum are suffering from tooth infections and cavities. In coming time a dental camp will be organised.

Two more slums
Educational activities have started in two more slums. In total 45 children (24 girls and 21 boys) signed up for classes. The new students are aged 5 to 12. Most of these children never have been to school before.

Initially, classes are held every other day in the afternoon from 4 pm to about 7 pm. One teacher serves both slums (he works 3 days in one slum, and 3 days in the other slum). The teacher is being assisted by a helper. The helper collects the children for school and assists in class.

Attendance is not regular (yet), the number of children coming to school varies every day. The Wisdom Academy is running awareness programs in the slums to encourage the parents to send their children to school on a regular basis.

The first couple of months classes take place in residential huts in the slums. Around mid July The Wisdom Academy will evaluate the new 'schools' and decide how to move on. If possible, schools will be set up inside the slums. Renting more class rooms on the premises of the Nirman Nagar school would also be a possibility. In that case, The Wisdom Academy would provide daily transport to and from the school by auto rickshaws.   

In these two slums some people are living in pathetic conditions, which is even a bigger problem if they are sick. In those cases, The Wisdom Academy hands out flour and other eatables.